Brad Paisley Crashes a Zoom Meeting with Healthcare Workers!

Brad Paisley has been spending his isolate smashing fans’ Zoom home bases from the solace of his own home on what he’s been calling “The Paisley Pub Crawl.”

As of late, however, he joined an exceptionally unique gathering of 600 individuals who truly merited the shock: nurture in his old neighborhood!

On Wednesday (May 27) Vanderbilt Health transferred a video of the nation titan indicating support for nearby attendants in Tennessee during the virtual Vanderbilt 2020 State of Nursing address a week ago.

As you’ll find in the video, Paisley interferes with a speaker saying, “hold tight, hold tight. Pause, pause, pause, pause, hang on. Haven’t these medical attendants experienced enough Jay that you don’t need to get them through this introduction at the present time? I’m here to spare these medical caretakers!”

When the medical caretakers acknowledged it wasn’t only an irregular individual inconsiderately smashing their significant gathering, grins spread over their countenances as Paisley talked.

During his amazement “visit,” Paisley demonstrated appreciation to the 600 medical caretakers who were on the Zoom call and said thanks to them for the sum total of what that they’ve been doing.

“I’ve generally had this sentiment of consolation that Vanderbilt is in our town. I don’t think numerous urban communities our size have something this tweaked and, I surmise, choice,” he said.

One of his valuable pooches likewise showed up in the video while visiting to a medical caretaker who was discussing a help hound. “He has no preparation, none by any means,” he kidded. “He can sit and shake, that is about it!”

In the wake of visiting with the human services laborers, Paisley offered them every one of the a private acoustic presentation of his most current single, “No I in Beer.”

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